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Accounting Services

Cash-flow Managament

Let us keep track of the flow of funds within your business, manage how much goes in and comes out at any given time, giving you the ability to meet your expenses as they come due and building you a reserve to take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Financial Reporting

DJE will build a set of essential reports to help you understand the financial standing and the profitability of your business. We don’t only build the reports, we guide you in analysing them, helping you to understand the progress you are making.

Management Accounts

We believe proper financial management is not something that should be left for the end of any financial period. DJE Consultancy provides you with relevant interim reports so you can keep your hand on the pulse of your business finances all year round.

tax services

Tax Compliance

Take the hustle of remaining tax compliant out of the equation by leaving your tax compliance needs to us. We’ll inform you of the taxes you need to be registered for, file the necessary registrations as well as complete all the computations and submissions.

Tax Advisory

A good tax strategy considers how the structure of your business and transactions impacts how much you pay in taxes. Take advantage of our expertise to make sure your strategy exposes you to the least possible tax bill while remaining fully compliant.

Tax Audits

Go into any tax audit with the confidence of having the best in the business on your side. Not only will we help you prepare the necessary documentation, but we will also ensure the process respects your rights and the result does not prejudice you.


Transaction Entry

We start by recording every transaction in the business accurately and timely. Our bookkeeping service will help you keep track of every invoice, receipt and payment as well as properly classifying them for proper financial reporting and analysis.

Record Keeping

Whatever platform or software you use, we help to ensure all recorded transactions are up to date, accurate, and secure. We will help you file all the important reports and supporting documents for easy access whenever they are needed.

Creditor & Debtor Management

Keeping track of receipts and invoices can eat away valuable time you need to serve your patients. DJE Consultancy makes sure that invoices are collected on time, from clients or their medical aids while ensuring your suppliers are settled on time as well.

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Every business is different, so is yours. Just as we don’t believe in a one solution fits all approach, we don’t apply a one price fits all model either. Let us know your unique needs and we’ll send you a quote tailor-made just for you.