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DJE Consultancy is a financial management services firm specializing in turn-key solutions for medical practices. Our range of solutions make us a partner of choice for your practice management. We streamline how you manage your practice with expert billing, best in tax compliance and industry-leading analysis and reporting.
DJE Consultancy gives you the best of both worlds. We not only put top-notch financial reporting within your reach affordably, but we also free up a lot more of your time so you can concentrate on what matters most, treating your patients.
We are more than just an admin partner, but a partner for growth. We pride ourselves on business advice that helps our clients take advantage of opportunities, navigate challenges, grow their market and leave their business in the dust. Partnering with DJE Consultancy is the first step in ensuring growth and prosperity for your business.

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We are specialists in accounting, tax and bookkeeping, all the tools you need for the proper financial management of your practice.

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Every business is different, so is yours. Just as we don’t believe in a one solution fits all approach, we don’t apply a one price fits all model either. Let us know your unique needs and we’ll send you a quote tailor-made just for you.